DATA Membership and Structure Details

Following the summer 2013 announcement by the Committee to form DATA, the Digital Asset Transfer Authority, work has been underway to accomplish a structure for the organization.   The Committee met September 30, 2013 in San Francisco, where it was voted to pursue formation of a 501(c)6 Delaware based organisation with primary bases in Washington D.C. and London. DATA Membership Membership to DATA is now open to digital asset companies and related organisations in tiers beginning with Friends of DATA, Junior and Full Members.  Full members receive voting rights within DATA, while the Junior Member programme provides participation for startup and emerging digital asset companies. A Patron programme provides limited sponsorship benefits for related companies that wish to support DATA efforts at large. DATA dues are payable in traditional fiat currency, Bitcoin or Ven. FRIENDS $1,000 Individuals, organisations and others who advise or support DATA. MEMBER FULL $8,000 Digital Asset Companies with more than $250,000 in revenue and/or funding. MEMBER JUNIOR $2,000 Digital Asset Startups with less than $250,000 in revenue and/or funding. PATRON $50,000 Includes public benefits, limited sponsorship and membership for established businesses/organisations that want to publicly support DATA, but don’t necessarily have a direct stake in digital assets. The initial focus of DATA membership benefits are fourfold: 1. Best Practices – setting standards and issues best practices, with initial self certification, an AML handbook and roadmap. 2. Seal of Approval – A certification of membership tied to review and audits 3. Organisational Setup – establishing 501(c)6 legal status, accounting, executive direction and  public relations activity 4. Communications – meetings, agenda settings, research and information dissemination to digital... read more

Announcing the Digital Asset Transfer Authority

This open project is developing best practices and standards for management of digital asset transfers worldwide. Official announcements of the organization will be released from 30 July, 2013 on Twitter @DATAuthority. This site will provide ongoing resources for the member community, press, authorities and other interested... read more