2014 Voting Members include leading companies and individuals in the field of digital assets:

Alex Morcos, Alternet Systems, Amasia, Anish Mohammed, Bitcoin Investment Trust, Brock Pierce (GoCoin), Circle Internet Financial, Coinsetter, ColoredCoin (eToro), Digital Currency NV, Epiphyte Corporation, Harry Yeh, Hub Culture (Ven), ID3, Juan Llanos, Judith Rinearson (Bryan Cave LLP), Karsten Behrend (BitCM Inc.), MexBT, Michael Bombace, Noah Spirakus (The Bitcoin Bank), Patrick Murck, Payward Inc., Perkins Coie, Promontory, Ripple Labs, Ryan Singer (Cryptocorp), SeedCoin, SnapSwap, ValidSoft, Vis Nova Ventures, Yaykuy Bitcoin Chile, YoyoCard, ZipZap.

Founding Members:

Tony Gallippi, CEO, BitPay

Nejc Kodrič, CEO, Bitstamp

Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO, Coinsetter

Megan Burton, CEO, CoinX

Edan Yago, CEO, Epiphyte

Yoni Assia, CEO, eToro

Stan Stalnaker, CEO, Hub Culture Group (Ven)

Jeremy Liew, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Patrick Murck

Chris Larsen, CEO, Ripple Labs

Jesse Powell, CEO, Payward, Inc. (Kraken)

Stephen Sunderlin, President, QikCoin, Inc.

Denis Kiselev, Founder and CEO, SnapSwap, Inc.

Jered Kenna, CEO, Tradehill, Inc.

Sean Safahi, CEO, YoyoCard

Alan Safahi, CEO, ZipZap, Inc.