The committee offers individual statements regarding the development of DATA:

ZipZap is pleased and proud to be among the founding members of DATA. We wholly support this organization’s goals of promoting responsible self regulation in the emerging payments market.” Alan Safahi, CEO, ZipZap, Inc.


“The Ven digital currency has been at the forefront of environmental financial innovation since 2007, and we’re delighted to be part of the movement toward global democratic financial inclusion and deployed best practices. DATA will help to define the next generation of digital finance.” Tina Frank, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hub Culture Ltd.


“The virtual currency community must address a number of important regulatory and public policy challenges before virtual currencies can find broad acceptance. These companies are taking an important first step toward addressing those challenges in cooperation with regulatory authorities.” Adam Shapiro, Director, Promontory Financial Group, LLC.


“Self‐regulatory organizations are excellent non‐governmental solutions for industry best practices and the Bitcoin Foundation supports inclusive efforts to improve the quality of businesses engaged in exchanging Bitcoin,” Jon Matonis, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.


“At a time when virtual currencies are revolutionizing payments through technological innovations, they also are drawing intense regulatory scrutiny as regulators and lawmakers grapple with these developments,” said Dax Hansen, a leading payments attorney who represents cutting-­edge startups and established technology companies in these industries. “Industry best practices and standards will contribute to productive dialogues as these innovative payment systems roll out.”


“For new payment technologies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ven and other digital currencies to realize their full potential, making commerce cheaper and easier around the world, customers and merchants will need to have trust in the integrity of the companies in the ecosystem. This trust comes from association, with trustworthy investors, trustworthy institutions, and confidence that these technologies and the companies that provide them share a commitment to fair, responsible and prudent business practices.” Jeremy Liew, Partner Lightspeed Venture Partners


“We are proud to support the establishment of the Digital Asset Transfer Authority. Responsible self-regulation is the key to establishing trust and promoting best practices on emerging market of innovative payment networks. In order to achieve broad adoption, new payment technologies ought to comply with the requirements of international and national standards of financial services and to develop new standards that are relevant to the fast changing world of global commerce. We believe that the Digital Asset Transfer Authority can advance and coordinate the efforts of market participants.” Denis Kiselev Founder and CEO, SnapSwap, Inc.