2014 Meeting Highlights

Watch highlights from the 2014 Annual Meeting:

DATA Annual Meeting 2014: The Nature and Evolution of Money

DATA Annual Meeting 2014: The Global View

DATA Annual Meeting 2014: Keynote with Davis Andolfatto, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

DATA Annual Meeting 2014: Digital Asset Use cases – Merchants

DATA Annual Meeting 2014: Digital Asset Use cases – Consumer Protection and Privacy

DATA Annual Meeting 2014: Digital Asset Use Cases – Remittances


The Digital Asset Transfer Authority (DATA) first Annual Meeting took place 9-11 April 2014 in Washington D.C.  Scheduled for the eve of the separate World Bank IMF Spring 2014 Meetings, the DATA Annual Meeting offered education sessions, a charity dinner, and a meeting for voting members.   Meet the Speakers.

The DATA Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for digital asset companies and related organizations to chart the year ahead in digital currency and other areas. Sessions and workshops focus on issues pertinent to the digital asset industry, including development of best practices, standards and regulatory issues, economic development opportunities, industry leadership, and international considerations. For the first meeting, DATA hosted a full day of debate at 1777 F Street, NW to provide in-depth examination and discussion of critical issues impacting the digital asset industry.

DATA also hosted its Annual Dinner focused on the human development aspects of digital assets on April 10, 2014. With a unique format and remit, a charity auction featured items available for silent bid priced in digital currencies, with each table selecting and offering items tied to a wide variety of causes.