European Securities and Markets Authority – Virtual Currency Response

In April 2015, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) issued a Call for evidence on questions surrounding the development of technologies enabling investment with virtual currencies or distributed ledger technologies.

DATA’s comprehensive response covers a variety of use cases and scenarios for digital assets in the securities markets, and provides feedback citing real-world examples from members and the wider community.  From block chain voting to improved transparency and reporting of asset holdings to IoT payments, digital asset technologies are poised to bring efficiency to financial markets across a wide swath of areas.

Companies and technologies mentioned in the report include Bison, Bitcoin, BitCongress, Bitgold, Counterparty, Dash, DATA Standards, Eris, Ethereum, Exante, GABI Fund,  Hub Culture, HubID, Hullcoin, Litecoin, LME, London Stock Exchange, Luxembourg Bourse, LMAX, NASDAQ, NXT,  One Name, Project Entropia, Ripple, Ven, Votecoin, Windhover Principles and others.

Download the full report here.